Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Apartment Pictures

I have to thank my sweet husband Phil for being willing to take pictures of our new apartment and for emailing them to me. He sent me 31 pics of our place. :) So, thanks to him, I can now share some pics of the new place with my blog friends. Can I just say that I LOVE the loft and the HUGE storage area we have! I hope you enjoy the pics as much as I did. We only walked through the place for about 10 minutes and I forgot how some of the condo looked.

Stairs leading up to the loft

Loft storage...did I mention I love this area!

Loft (notice the 2 closets in addition to the storage area!)

Other view of the loft

Living Room

Our beautiful laundry room!

One side of kitchen

Other side of kitchen

Down the middle of kitchen...area for kitchen table by the window.

Guest bedroom. That closet has another half...it goes across the whole wall.

Dining area and front door (it's on the right side)

Pretty sweet place huh? I'm excited about moving there. Right now I'm envisioning all of my stuff in the apartment. It'll be an adventure!


Windy City Survivors said...

How exciting! I love the loft are and all the storage space you have available!!! That space would have been great at our old condo! Change is so exciting.

LaurieR said...

Zowie!!! Hey, This one looks easy to keep clean. . .no furniture.
Love, Becka's Ompapa. Hey Hey Hey
L ots
O f
L uck (I don't believe in Luck. Do you?)

SJ said...

Looks great - glad you were able to get it!

Rachel O. said...

OH my goodness wow it's SO nice! Oh Megan, you have no idea, I would die for storage space of ANY kind. We have a grand total of TWO closets in ours and only ONE bedroom! Wow, I'm so happy for ya. I think you should string white lights all up and down the stairs, that's so cool!