Saturday, March 03, 2007

Survived the week

Well, I survived the craziness of this week and thought I'd let you all know. I am currently working on report cards which take quite awhile. I only have 18 days left of school and six of those are minimum days and three are full days where I will be transitioning to the new teacher, Anna Roney. Oh, and one of those days I will probably in Colorado looking at places to live. That leaves me with only 8 "regular" days of teaching left! Wow! I'm going to be in CO in no time. It's amazing to think about the things that still have to be done. My goal is to have all of the students' effort grades and L.A. grades done before Monday. I already have 9 comments done and those take forever!

Phil called me last night when he reached the hotel he'll be staying at. He arrived about 6:30 and sounded like he was doing good. He starts his new job on Monday so please keep him in your prayers.

***I still want to post about our trip to Mammoth. I will try to do so later this weekend. I've included another picture from our trip. The sun was just setting behind the mountains.


SJ said...

Time will fly - - - - you will be amazed at how quickly!!!! Especially when you are trying to get a lot done. Enjoy the last few weeks with your kiddos - I am sure they are sad to see their teacher leave :(

Sarah said...

The picture you posted is just beautiful. Time is flying so fast and so many things are happening. Enjoy the time with your friends and students. Can't wait to see you.