Saturday, March 03, 2007

Profile Pic

I decided to change my profile pic as I was looking through some old pictures from my childhood.
This photo was taken at the Philadelphia Zoo circa 1986 or so. I don't know why I was making that face but I've always loved this picture.


running wildly said...

Tis a precious pic. i can see why you chose it.

Rachel O. said...

HA HA that is so cute! I can remember being at your house in Clarks summit looking at your photo albums from when you were little and they were so cute. Maybe you were making that funny face becuase the little lama made a stinky

Megan C. said...

Somehow I doubt that was the would have been more likely that it had been me making a stinky. :)

Rachel O. said...

LAUGH OUT LOUD MEGAN! I forgot ALLL about Mrs. Talpesh, HOW did you ever remember her name?? I remember that I coudln't STAND her at all. What other classes did we have together, I remember it wasn't many. That was such a funny memory you sent me, I miss you! And I laughed so hard when I saw you still remembered "itten bitten witten......." HA HA HA! ok I'll write a memory for you: I remember being obsessed with that diamonds game on your computer at your house . I can still remember that PING sound it made when the ball bounced off the blocks. I can remember everything about your bedroom, the cows and everything...even that James Dean poster. And remember when we both stayed home from Chrismas caroling becuase we were both sick? I think I may I have been faking just becuiase I didn't want to go caroling without you :)

Ben and Melissa James said...

Hey Megan,
The company we used was Paul Arpin. I'm not sure of the name of the guy, I'll ask Ben, I'm sure he remembers!
I hope your move goes much better and smoother then ours! I'll be praying for that!!!

Snooley said...

Fun to hear from you! So exciting that you are moving to CO! It's such a great state - I visit often because all my extended family lives in Denver. Maybe I'll see ya there sometime!

Anonymous said...

too cute!!!
i love it!