Saturday, March 31, 2007

In The Midst of the Move

Well, Tuesday was pack boxes day (I didn't pack ONE!!!) and Wednesday was load the truck day. I carried just one box! I must say, it was AWESOME having movers do all the work! On Wednesday, I was able to clean the house while they packed and other than the kitchen floor and a few touch-up paint spots, the whole place was done by the time I left! It was sooooo wonderful!

The guys that helped were experienced and totally knew what they were doing. They've all been doing this for about 25-30 years! Everything was packed carefully and treated with great care. I laughed when I saw a bag of chips being carefully wrapped in paper and stacked in a box so as not to crush the chips.

When it came time to load the truck I was pretty amazed to see the guys loading the truck by carrying either one or two boxes ON THEIR BACKS! It was really interesting to watch. I tried one box and found it to be really easy. By grabbing the box behind their back they were able to support their back, not use their stomach muscles as much and navigate the stairs easier. It is supprisingly easy to do. Just reach one arm to the very back of the box and the other hand grabs the bottom corner right by your hip. You should try it if you don't believe me. The main mover was from the East coast and he said that's how most of the movers do it back there because of all the stairs to navigate. In the West, many movers use dolly's...which is what we've always used. I didn't see a dolly until the very end of the day. Anyway...all in all it was a great move and definitely a way I would LOVE to move in the future. Oh, and we use Atlas Van Lines for those interested in the company.

Phil will be receiving the shipment tomorrow morning in CO! Yippee! The timing worked out perfectly as tomorrow is the day he needs to leave the hotel.

I'm enjoying my spring break and was able to go to the pool today to get a good start on my summer tan while reading a book and swimming a few laps. Boy did it feel good!!!


Anonymous said...

haha..i just moved did feel good not having to help with the moving, carrying boxes but i felt bad for not helping even tho we're paying money for the move.

Drama Queen said...

sounds very relaxing. i doubt even with these movers my mom could make it sound so nice

running wildly said...

I surely can see why your "heaven" includes being in your husbands arms. SOON! 6 days according to your ticker. You must be so excited.

Sarah said...

I can't wait to see what you have done with your place. Once you are settled in we need some pics of your newly decorated home. So glad you are finally done with the move. Can't wait to visit you there.