Thursday, September 06, 2007


I tried for 2 hours to post the videos and I couldn't get them to work. I first tried in blogger but it was taking forever so I added a video to Youtube but then I couldn't use the HTML in blogger. So, I uploaded the whole video in blogger and it loaded all 68mb but then wouldn't finish. I'm frustrated and going to bed. Maybe we'll get it to work later. We'll see.

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Rebekah (and Mark!) said...

I can't tell you how many baby items we have gotten at garage sales. We already have two pack and plays (both graco, one even has the bassinet part), two children's rocking chairs, two play mat things, a bouncer/rocker, a lot of toys, a lot of clothes, and more books that you could possibly read in a year! I have been able to find so much for good prices; it's been incredible.

Today I found a brand new jumperoo at a baby sale in my neighborhood. The mom (a teenagerish girl) wanted $35, half of the new cost. I'm thinking about going back and offering her $25. Some of her stuff was way overpriced, but I bought a few little things.

Do they have mom to mom sales where you live? There are a lot of them around here, and our church's is one of the best ones in the area. I guess that it is a zoo during the first few hours (there is a huge line when the door opens). It's held twice a year, and last time I had someone save something for me to use babysitting. The fall one is in a couple weeks, so I am starting on a list of things to look for.

I'm excited about your little girl! Do you have a name picked out yet? We've had our girl name for YEARS (probably 8 years), and we're still negotiating the boy name. I can't wait to see pictures of your baby when she comes!