Saturday, October 25, 2008

This Boy Needs Our Help

Earlier tonight I was reading "Second Touch" by Bodie & Brock Thoene. In it I read the following passage. It is a hypothetical conversation between Jesus and the blind man He healed. They are speaking about the poor, blind, crippled and lame.

"Who am I to do anything?"
"It's not who you are."
"So many...all around."
"Seeing requires something, eh? That's all the Law and the Prophets. Summed up?"
"So many men know the Scriptures. And still there's the viaduct. The rubbish heap. People who exist in the long, dreary waiting, like animals locked up and forgotten."
"Easy not to be bothered. Easy to follow the letter of the Law. Make a great show of keeping the Law. But men forget the true intention of the Law. By turning away from those who suffer, they miss great blessings from heaven. Maybe the one they refused to help was an angel in disguise."

I was convicted because so often, I'm willing to turn away from those in need. I often place myself in a position above them and choose to do nothing to help the people I see in need even though I have so much and am commanded in Scripture to help those same people.

A religion that is pure and stainless according to God the Father is this:
to take care of orphans and widows
who are suffering...
James 1:27

Right after I put my book down, the first blog I read was this: (It can be found here)

Hello Friends,I received an email from a friend a few days ago, letting me know about a young orphan boy who needs our help. I know ... there are hundreds of thousands of orphans who need our help ... but, this story touched me deeply.Misha is a 15 year old from Russia. Several weeks ago he was flown to the U.S. for life-changing surgery ... the amputation of both legs. Misha was born with a severe deformity of his legs and arms. In Russia, it is known as the "throw-away" disease. Despite the deformities, Misha is a very well-adjusted and intelligent young man, with much hope for the future. A wonderful, large, homeschooling family on the East Coast welcomed Misha into their home for the surgery, and immediately fell so in love with him that it was determined that he should become part of their forever family. However ... next May Misha will turn 16 ... an age where he is no longer able to be adopted into the U.S. ... also an age where he will be turned out of his orphanage in Russia, and moved to an insane asylum. Seriously ... this boy is not insane, but he will be "thrown away".This wonderful family believes with all their heart that Misha is to become their son. However, they have no idea how the Lord will raise up the $27,000 needed in the next few months. The funds must be raised before February, so that the adoption can be completed before Misha's birthday in May.I hope you will visit their family blog to find out how you can best support this precious family, and Misha. As Melissa, the mom, says ... "If 2,700 people donated just $10, the money would be raised." I, certainly, want to be a part of that 2,700 people ... how about you?My blog, alone, gets about 500 visitors per week. Obviously, many of those are repeat visitors. But, my blog reaches quite a few people. If 100 of my readers gave just $10, and then posted the information on their blogs, I truly believe that the money could be raised very quickly. It would only take 27 blogs, with 100 readers, giving $10 each ... to save the life of Misha.

If you have a moment, please pray about helping this young boy. Visit the blog for video and pictures of him. If you choose not to help financially, then please pray for his heavenly adoption as well as his earthly adoption.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Megs,
I would love to help and your dad and I will send at least $10 and I will share the need to the ladies in my Bible study. Thanks for allowing the Spirit to move and that you answered the call. What a wonderful ministry to this young man. God bless, Love, Nanna PS and prayer is already on it's wings heavenward!