Sunday, October 05, 2008

New Friends

Taeya and Eva-9 months old.
Look over there Taeya! What? Where?

Bethany and Larry have lots of dogs and a few cats and Taeya had fun watching them all.

At church, shortly after Taeya was born, we met Bethany whose grandbaby was born the day Taeya was due. Since her grandbaby lives in FL she doesn't get a chance to visit with her that frequently. So, every Sunday at church I try to let Bethany hold Taeya. We call her our adopted grandma.

Well, last Sunday, Bethany's daughter (Aimee), son-in-law (Justin) and grandbaby (Eva) were visiting from FL. Aimee and I have been reading each others blogs and it's amazing to see how similar the girls are. We had fun finally getting to meet. The girls both went in the nursery and Aimee said Eva crawled right over to Taeya and they played together the whole time. We went over to Bethany and Larry's house for lunch. We enjoyed a lovely lunch and got a few pictures of all the girls together. We had a lot of fun and look forward to seeing them again down the road.

It was fun trying to photograph the girls together. Eva's crawling so she'd move pretty fast out of the picture. (Aimee, can you email me a photo of you, Eva, me and Taeya all together? I didn't get any on my camera.)
Bethany and her sister, Carol. We celebrated Carol's birthday last Sunday.

Bethany and her daughter, Aimee.

A family photo.


running wildly said...

Can you even stand the cuteness? Man, she's so adorable. I know I say that every time I comment, but I mean it! And the family photo of you 3 is great.

Andrea & Jerimie said...

Megan, i'm soooo happy to be following your blog - Jerimie and i are having a baby in february! Taeya is so beautiful, i miss you guys!