Friday, October 10, 2008

My Little Monkey

My sweet little Taeya wasn't feeling very well the other day because her top

four teeth were (and still are) coming in. She was pretty miserable and wasn't enjoying her usual toys and activities. She loves music so I put on her Praise Baby DVD's. Usually, she just listens to them but this time I turned the TV on as well. She was fascinated as you can see.
My little monkey loves to use her feet for many things. Here, she's reading her "Eye Spy a Panda" book with her hands and feet. I just had to capture it in pictures. She does the same thing in her crib with her stuffed animals. I'll walk in after her nap and she'll be holding one of her stuffed animals over her head with her hands and feet and playing with it.


Rebekah said...

She's too cute holding the book like that! Poor thing, though, cutting four teeth at once! Steven still has just his bottom two, and I don't expect any new ones in the near future.

Any news on a new niece?

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness she's gotten so big and has really changed! I love the reddish color of her hair!
-Rachel O

Sarah said...

Like mother, like daughter. Didn't you used to be really handy with your toes and feet too? A little ice cream licked off of those neat little feet, maybe? I really love the close up of her face that you took. Precious!!