Monday, December 29, 2008

Travels & Christmas

A special, four generation photo

I have much to update on my blog. I'll give a rundown and upload a few pictures while I have some time.

Taeya and I made a quick trip to CA to spend some time with family from Dec. 13-21. It was a short-notice type trip but it was good and I got to meet my newest, beautiful little niece, Hannah, for the first time. Taeya and I flew back on the 21st and I then unpacked, did a lot of laundry and repacked for a Christmas trip to VA. Our whole little family flew to VA on Christmas Eve where we arrived at 11:00pm. I couldn't blog about this trip previously because Phil's grandparents didn't know we were coming to VA and we wanted to surprise them on Christmas morning. Although the surprise was almost given away a number of times over the past 2 months, we managed to surprise them with Taeya sitting in the living room floor when they walked in. It was so much fun and such a blessing to be with family for Christmas. This was Phil's and my 5th Christmas together since being married and our first celebrating with family.

Except for the stomache flu going around, we've had a WONDERFUL trip here spending quality time with family. (Everyone's gotten the flu except for Phil, Taeya, myself and Phil's mom). We're praying that we don't get it!

Taeya and her Uncle Timmy. She crawled right over to him and just sat with him for a little while.

Great-grandma & grandpa were both so surprised to see Taeya, Phil and I on Christmas morning.

Waving to all her blog readers.

Timmy was so sick on Christmas that he opened his presents after all of us...while laying down on the couch. Poor kid.

A special moment shared with Grandpa.

Our first family Christmas photo.

Taeya enjoyed making friends with Bruiser. He wasn't to sure about her at first but after she started sharing her food with him, he's warmed up to her quite a bit.

Taeya, Grandma and Megan

Phil's sister, Sarah


Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures. I know that you are having a great time with Phil's family out their. Relax and enjoy the time with them.

jenylu said...

Hey there Megan -- I love the comment about the dog warming up to Taeya after she shared her food. That would do it! :)
Hope you thoroughly enjoy your visit -- I know it is such a blessing to Phíl's family!