Monday, December 01, 2008

Reader Survey!

Between poopy baby diapers and a cat litter box in our home, the aroma of my home isn't always the sweetest. I'd like to purchase some kind of air freshener that will help my home smell great when I walk in the front door or am home all day. I always have trouble picking out good smells at the store. It gets overwhelming and by the time I get home, they don't smell as good as I thought they would. I don't like frilly, flowery or overpowering scents. Just something that will provide a pleasant smell when I enter my home. Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't usually light candles so I'm looking for something that I can set out, plug into a light switch and forget about it for awhile. Let me know what YOU like and why. Thanks!


Sarah said...

I like the smell of pinesol after cleaning but I don't know how to have it there with out cleaning. I bought some fabris air freshener but it smells horrible. It is the orange smell. I just take the diapers outside each time I change the girls. Maybe you could have a small garbage pail outside the door and empty it every day. That should help a little.

Raine said...

You could try a reed diffuser. They are essential oil that you put bamboo reeds into. You can leave it unattended and control the level of sent by limiting the number of reeds you put in. I know that "Partylite" sells them, but they can be a bit pricey. I have also seen them around at other stores for a more reasonalble price. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

I have a baby and two cats so I can understand your dilemma. However, I'm not one to try to mask odors with sprays or candles. I'm not sure if you've tried a diaper genie, but those help with diaper odors. Also, for soiled diapers, I buy these powdered scented blue bags (I get them at WalMart) and they are good for containing odors. For the cats, make sure your litter boxes are in well ventilated areas and that you're cleaning them often. I have a little enclosed trash can close to the box that I use for them. I also like Fresh Step litter the best because it stays fresh smelling longer and you can also use baking soda or a cat box freshener powder in the box to try to neutralize odors. That's what I do but that doesn't make it right for everyone! :)

BECKY LYNN said...

Here's my tips because I have 2 poopers, and 3 animals and am VERY sensitive to smells.
1. I agree. Diaper genie, or take the garbage to garage anytime it is a poop.
2. We have our litter boxes in a closet downstairs and Greg installed a cat door. I put an air freshener in there with it.....being contained, there is NEVER EVER a smell....which is good and bad. Good for obvious reasons and bad because I forget to change the litter! HAHAHA!
3. I really do swear by Bath and Body Wallflowers. They are expensive, but the trick is to get them onsale and I have also bought them on EBay! After Christmas, they go onsale for $6 a piece! i can't wait to stock up! They last at least 6 weeks and in my house I have 3 and that is all we need. I. LOVE.THEM. I enjoy the new vanilla musk smell right now (I smell it as I type :). I also love kitchen spice and apple cinnamon.
4. Last tip of mine is febreze. I totally love it. I spray it a cople times a week on my curtains, carpet and couches. It really does keep things fresh :)

Heather said...

I use Febreze too. And baking soda in the diaper pail and trash can. As for air freshener -- the best I've found is Yankee Candle spray. They have lots of different scents. You can get them at Bed Bath and Beyond or even at places like Ross and Marshalls for a fraction of the cost. They make the house smell SO good!

Becca Sports said...

Hi Megan-

Here are my tips:
1) Take smelly diapers out to the garbage or put them in a spot that won't impact the rest of the house.
2) Use fresh step litter (having just purchased 2 cats about a month ago, this seems to be the best stuff) and clean it daily (removing the garbage to the garbage can).
3) Wallflowers!!!!! I have two of them in my house. I think Becky above stated stocking up on them at Christmas time when they go on sale. That is what I did last year and I still have some. :) I got mine last year for $5 (for two replacement bulbs or one starter kit). I love the brownsugar & fig or cinnamon smells because it isn't overwhelming and makes the house smell great. :)

Heather said...

oh and also I just remembered the best air freshener I ever have tried is from Philosophy. It's called "Laughing Gas" and it smells like cinnamon rolls. It covers any and all odors with it's pleasant scent. It is pricey but I've had mine for over a year and haven't had to buy a new one yet.

Anonymous said...

We LOVE the wallflowers - great things to have!