Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Little One Walks!

For those of you interested, Taeya is now officially walking. She started walking the Sunday before last. She was determined to get a ball across the room and kept starting at the bed. She would walk towards the ball, topple over, crawl back to the starting point and try again. With lots of cheers from Mommy and Daddy, she kept at it for quite awhile. I think it gave her the confidence she needed to take off. Just the next day she was carrying her large sized toys around the house with her while attempting to walk. She does pretty good most of the time but still has some falls here and there. I took a bunch of pictures yesterday but I'm too tired to upload them right now. I'll work on getting them on my blog soon. I've been crazy swamped between tutoring, swim lessons, being a wife, mommy, caring for an older neighbor, dealing with house stuff etc. etc. My life is full right now. I'm happy and tired but content.

Both Phil and I are so excited about our house. Things are moving along well. We signed the contract this week. Our closing date is tentatively set for June 30th. I'm guessing it'll take longer than that but we shall see. The windows are all in and look great. Roof is on and siding color has been picked. It should be arriving soon I think. We met with the cabinet guy and all cabinet choices have been made except for the master bath. He didn't have what we were looking for so we either change our choice or find it elsewhere. Have I mentioned that I'm excited? My kitchen won't be huge but it'll be bigger than what I have now and I'll have an ISLAND! I've always wanted an island! I'll also have a tutoring room where I can neatly store all my teaching materials and have them handy rather than in storage boxes in the loft! I'll put up some more pictures soon. I have pics of the house with the windows in. They look awesome.


Anonymous said...

woohoo! lots of fun. I enjoy your blog. Aimee Honse

Mom Z said...

Way to go, Taeya! Now you will keep mommy busier than ever. Grandma is so proud of you!

jenylu said...

Hey Megan -- I needed a Taeya fix and came looking for photos! The peek-a-boo & one walking shot were great! :)
I'm excited for you about the house -- can't wait to see photos of that as well. How fun to pick things out just -- sounds like you're doing a great job thinking through what you really want.
We visited Grandma Martha tonight and she told us several times how much she enjoyed talking with you. She's so impressed that you're running -- me too! (Impressed that is, not running)
Love you lots!!
Aunt Jen