Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Li'l Taeya

Have you missed me?

(This picture was taken after lunch where Taeya had alfredo pasta. She kept rubbing her alfredo covered hands all through her hair. Mommy helped it stand on end after she did such a great job with the "hair gel". She was pretty funny looking and we had to go somewhere right after this).

This is the very cheesy grin Taeya shows us throughout the day. She does it if she thinks she's being funny and quite often when she's doing something naughty and she knows it. Who can resist that face?
For those of you who haven't seen it on Facebook, my computer was sent away for repairs for 8 days. If you know me, you know that was a LONG time for me to be without my computer. It was good for me though and I got a lot done without having any time to waste on it each day. (I also got behind on a lot of things I normally do on my computer). I just got my computer back today and am very excited. Anyways, I didn't stop taking pictures of my precious Taeya or our family's house progress. I'll post some pics tonight and a few more in the coming days hopefully.

Daddy was pushing Taeya in the swing. She was a bit excited can you tell?

Picking her first flower (a dandelion) for daddy.

Giving her first flower to daddy. It was all smushed and crumpled from being held tightly in her little hands. So sweet though.

Taeya had fun sliding. We'd put her on the top and if we didn't hold onto her and help her slide down, she would attempt to launch herself headfirst down the slide. It was pretty funny. One time, Phil let her try it by herself (we didn't let her launch herself though) and she fell back and hit her head on the slide. She's almost ready to do it on her own but not quite yet.
She was very determined to put lots of rocks onto the slide. This would have kept her entertained for a long time I think.

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kelly ens said...

that is some SWEET hair!!! :)
Taeya is cute as ever, including that little cheesy grin :)