Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our House Progress

The house is coming along well. Lots of decisions are being made all the time. The siding is almost all done. All of it is finished except for the front of the house. They have to put a small amount of siding on the second story and then a stone facade on the lower level and the exterior will be mostly finished. A few shutters and trim details will be added later. They have begun to do all the duct work in the house and the heater is installed. The plumber and electrician will start next week or perhaps later this week. Our concrete driveway has been poured and some of the yardwork leveling and such has been done as well. Progress is being made slowly but surely. Closing is tentatively set for June 30th. I'm SO EXCITED about moving in (and can't wait for all the decision making to be over).
The above pictures were taken 4/18.

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