Monday, February 26, 2007


This week in a nutshell:
Field Trip
Staff Meeting
2 Principal Observations
Help Phil pack
Taxes (Hopefully)
Finish expense report from our trip to CO in early Feb.
Phil eye appointment
Megan eye appointment
IEP Meeting
Say goodbye to Phil :(
Begin Report card testing is crazy this week but I really want to blog about our trip to Mammoth. Stay tuned...when I have time. :) I have some great pics to share. Here's one to get it started.


SJ said...

The life of a teacher - - I know that list all too well!!! When I was in MO, that list even included things like saying goodbye to Jeremy. Praying you are able to accomplish all you need to do!

running wildly said...

This picture takes my breath away! And I pray this time being away from your hubby will be a learning experience that causes your love to grow even deeper.