Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Make a Guess!

Okay all of my blog readers, I just created a guessing poll for when our baby will arrive and I want ALL of you to participate. Please don't be shy! I know I have many readers who never comment on my blog and I want you to participate as well. I will mail the giftcard to the highest winner based on the points that are earned as long as I am able to contact them when the time comes. (In other words, don't be annonymous or you won't receive the prize if you win).

The points are awarded using the following scale:
Point Penalties:(The lowest score wins)
incorrect gender: 200 points
date & time: 5 points per hour
weight: 5 points per ounce
length: 10 points per inch

May the best guesser win!


Earl's Family said...

Baby girl Camp will be born January 10th at 12:12pm weigh 7 lbs 1/2 oz and be 19 inches long :)

Anonymous said...

Duh Becky, you have to go to the polls and register! Read the directions!
-Rachel O.

Megan C. said...

Yeah! I'm excited people are participating!

Alan & Sarah Martinsen said...

Hi Megan,

Can you email me your new address?