Friday, December 28, 2007

Taeya at 2 Days

Well, life continues to be amazing. Taeya makes us laugh with her adorable faces and continues to be so content. We could have gone home today but we opted for one more day of rest in the hospital. If everything looks good and Taeya's weight hasn't dropped too low we'll be heading home tomorrow afternoon.

Some observations: she has the same sneezes as her mom, grandma Laurie, great grandpa Chuck and great great grandma Della. She sneezes multiple times almost every time she sneezes just like them. Taeya has Megan's mouth and ears and Phil's nose. I think her eyes are eventually going to be Phil's green color. Right now they look blue at times and green at others. Phil is officially an amazing swaddler. He can swaddle Taeya as good as the nurses and he just learned how two days ago. ;) He went home tonight to get one last good night's rest before the many sleepless ones to come. He usually likes to have some time alone but he said when he got there he missed us and wanted to know how Taeya and I were doing. *so sweet* He's a WONDERFUL Daddy and has been so helpful with everything.

I tried to get some full body pics of Taeya today as I was changing her. She has long skinny legs that she likes to bend into a froggie position. I took some pictures of her wrinkley feet and hands. Look at her long nails. Already looks like she's had a french manicure. You can see her thick hair at the back of her head and how it's thin and fuzzy on top. I hope you laugh as much as I did at the picture of her sticking out her tongue! What a face! We had our first visitors today. Pastor Eddie and his wife, Denise came to see us. She was very well behaved at first and so alert but then the nurse came to check both of us out and said it was about time for Taeya to be fed. We managed to get a picture of Taeya with both of them but as you can see it was time for lunch. Evidence that she does cry...albeit rarely.

I just found out from Phil that Grandma Terry (Phil's mom) will be flying out to see us next week for a short time. I'm so excited that she gets to come before May when Phil's family is coming for a vacation and to meet Taeya. I'm sure you're super excited Grandma! We'll look forward to the time we'll have with you. My parents are going to keep their original date and come out January 17th. It'll be wonderful to have them then as Phil will be back to work at that point.

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!


Heather said...

She is SO so adorable and beautiful! Her content manner and hardly crying reminds me so much of our how our daughter was in the beginning. And if Taeya is anything like Georgie then you'll have a content baby who rarely cries for at least the next 6 months! :)

Anonymous said...

Megan HA HA HA.....Michael and I laughed out loud at those two pictures....especially the one of her that looks like she's scared to death! She is so beautiful. I can tell that she has changed in just the few time that she's been here! Looks like you I think, I can see it :) Anyway, thanks for posting, I'm so excited for the journey that lies ahead of you good luck!!!
-RAchel O.

running wildly said...

She is truly perfect. You are blessed among women.

kelly said...

she's so alert! and just SO cute!
i especially like the picture of her sleeping...the one after Taeya with your pastor and his wife. so precious!

SJ said...

What a pretty little girl! I know how excited you are! Good call on one more night of rest at the hospital - you will be glad you did that :) You look great and we are glad she is here and safe :) Know that we are praying for you! We will e-mail the address to you but I don't have your e-mail address :)

Enjoy your time with your little one! How long do you get to be off with her?

Alan & Sarah Martinsen said...

Congratulations, Megan and Phil!! She is so precious and I'm so glad that the delivery went smooth even though it was unexpected. It makes me so excited to meet my baby boy soon! I can't wait!

Elisha said...

Congrats you two (now three). Taeya is beautiful. BTW - how did you pick the name? How is it pronounced? Hope you're enjoying the weather out there. Dave and I were in Denver for 10 days before Christmas and were happy to see a little snow. Now we're happy to be back in sunny CA!

Anonymous said...

I like the name Taeya. Do you know what it means?