Thursday, July 10, 2008

Avacados #2

So, Taeya ate her second serving of avacados tonight and I was amazed at the difference in that kid. She ate ALL of her avacado and she didn't yell throughout the meal. She also didn't look like Oscar the Grouch when she was done. I just had to wipe up her face a tiny bit. Amazing. She seems to have changed her mind from the first time. Maybe it was just that she enjoyed her bananas first and then the avacado didn't taste so bad. Guess time will tell. So, for all of you blog readers who are worried about Taeya having to eat avacado, she's now not hating it.


SJ said...

They say that it usually takes 3 - 5 times for a baby to "like" a new food - so you just have to keep trying - -I found that to be so true with Allie. Amazing!

Heather said...

Georgie had the same reaction to avocado! The first time she shuddered and gagged and then when I tried a few weeks later, she loved it!

You've got one adorable little girl there!

Abby said...

Hey Megan! Just wanted to say that we've been enjoying your blog! Chloe sees the pictures of Taeya and says "Ba-by", "Ba-by"! Bummer we don't live closer! Our girls could be friends!

jenylu said...

Okay, I'm going to comment on 3 posts in this one:

Video post: It didn't make me hanker for guacamole! :) LOVED her giggle video -- sooooooooo cute!

Sick post: I hope you are both feeling much better very soon because we're looking forward to seeing you!

Avacados #2 post: I can tell she has very good taste since she changed her opinion of avacados. Smart as well as cute!