Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The God Rally & Strawberry Days

A few weeks ago, our community had a weekend of Christian concerts and speakers called The God Rally. Phil, Taeya and I went to some of it and enjoyed ourselves. Our church service was there Sunday morning and although it was HOT, I enjoyed the challenge from the speaker that we are to glorify God wherever He has placed us by using the gifts He has given us. We also enjoyed having our friends, Derek and Amanda H. come stay with us. Amanda and I used to play soccer together in HS and haven't seen each other in about 8 years. It was great getting to reconnect with Amanda and meet her husband Derek. They spent a lot of time serving at the God Rally over the weekend. On Saturday evening, we took them to the Strawberry Days Festival in another nearby town. We had fun going to the different booths and enjoying some food from the venders. We're looking forward to spending more time with them in the future.

Daddy and Taeya enjoying the music. (Taeya was pretty tired as it was close to her bedtime).

T's wearing a beautiful dress from Nana Laurie. It's a 6 mo dress so she doesn't quite fill it out yet.

Our little Colorado cowgirl.
T with Annie from church. They both REALLY enjoy each other's company. Annie's been helping me watch Taeya while I teach swim lessons. She's a great helper!

Good friends.
Derek & Amanda at Strawberry Days
Little T sporting a "vintage styled" baby hat at Strawberry Days. She looked SO cute in it. The Hawaiian outfit is from Nancy Jonas. It's adorable on Taeya.
Taeya's a lot like her mama...she loves animals!
A family picture.
Taeya and Daddy enjoying the animals together.
Daddy and his happy little girl.

On Sunday, the band that played before the speaker was REALLY loud so thankfully, I had brought some earplugs for Taeya. :)
Some of the God Rally. More people were in the grandstands. It was a smaller turnout than they expected...but this was the first year of organizing it.

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