Friday, July 04, 2008

Spectacular, Spectacular...the hillside's on FIRE!!!

Well, I forgot my camera tonight so you're going to have to take my word for it...but Phil and I had a fun time watching some true Colorado fireworks. There's a little community near where we live that has a family fun day with lots of kid activities, booths, food and music. Once it gets dark, they shoot off a firework show. As my pastor said on Sunday, "the best part about going is that it's one of the only firework shows where you fear for your life." People don't go to watch the fireworks; they enjoy the fireworks but the exciting part is watching the mountain catch fire and the fire crew rush to put out the fires. We went for the first time this year and it was so true! When the fires start everyone starts cheering and they cheer again when the volunteer firemen put out the fire. It's pretty funny to watch. They stop shooting the fireworks while they work on the fires (it also makes the fireworks last longer). I wish I'd had my camera so I could have taken some pictures to put on my blog. Maybe next year.

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Terry said...

We went to Busch Gardens July 4th - waited in the rain for an hour to see fireworks, but they were very pretty. Not quite as exciting as yours, however!