Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Few Videos

Here are a couple videos of Taeya eating her avacados and rice cereal and one of her giggling from yesterday. They're not all that exciting but I enjoy watching them. :)

First Avacado

First Rice Cereal

Lots of Giggles

Taeya got the first of her 6 month shots today and I was really surprised when she didn't cry at all! She didn't even seem to notice it. The music mobile overhead helped a lot!


Justin & Aimee said...

She is so cute! We just gave Eva her first bit of banana today and she acted the same way as Taeya did with the rice cereal. I loved watching her reaction to the avacado too! She was so expressive. Justin and I laughed as we watched her laugh too!

Glad to hear her shots went well!

Sarah said...

Wow, she really doesn't like the avacados. That was so funny to watch her eat. Love the laughing too. Baby giggles are so precious. I am so excited to get to hold her soon.