Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Family Photos

Today, Sarah and I got the babies AND the guys outside for some quick family pictures. We ended up with some nice ones. I haven't had a chance to edit any but thought I'd post some of the better ones. (After the guys were done, Sarah and I took some more of the girls which is why the beginning ones don't have the daddy's in them). We went to Glenwood Caverns yesterday and had a nice time until the little ones got too tired. The funniest thing happened as well. We ran into Tony & Joan Beckett, our former pastor and his wife from PA whom we haven't seen for 10+ years!!! We didn't even know they were going to be in CO and we just happened to run into them! What are the odds?
Yummy, I can eat this right?
Can I hold it please?
Beautiful Bekah.
Bekah did such a good job holding Taeya.
Bekah loves the baby. She's going to be a wonderful big sister.
I love this photo of Sarah and baby.
I love the setting of this picture.

What a lovely family.
The Camp's.

Our big girl.
I love this picture.
The group with the Becketts.
This was really cute. I put a toy in with Taeya before we left somewhere. Bekah saw me to it so she decided that Taeya needed a few more toys...she brought about twenty. Towards the end she was just throwing anything she could find on top of her cousin. Bekah's a great sharer and when we were driving in the car and Taeya was screaming her head off, Bekah shared her blanket, doggie and baby doll with Taeya. I think this picture is so funny though. Taeya didn't mind one bit that she had so much stuff on top of her.
A nice group photo at the Glenwood Caverns.
I went bull riding.
Phil and I did the "sling shot" where you fly out over a was really fun.
I guess that's all for now. I still need to blog about our trip to Montrose where we got to see Grandma Carol, Aunt Barb and Uncle Allen. It was their first time meeting the two grandbabies.

Tomorrow I leave for CA with everyone else (except Phil). I'm guessing that I won't be blogging much while I'm gone. Check back to see what you can find but don't expect too much for a couple weeks. I'll be leaving my computer at home...


Sarah said...

Taeya is so cute! I love her little baby rolls and fun expressions. I'm sure you really enjoy her!

starlight11500 said...

shoot...I just left you a long comment and it deleted it....GRR Anyway, I was just seeing how you were and telling you that I loved all the pictures. The slingshot thing is SO awesome! and I love the sweet picture of taeya in her little dress standing up---awwwwww

jenylu said...

Gorgeous pictures!!

So much fun getting to see you this past week! I so wish we lived closer! Taeya is soooooo cute we just loved getting to spend time with her -- even at night! (Since we weren't the ones having to get up!:-))

BTW, I'm stealing a picture of Sarah from your blog and putting it on mine.

Mark and Rebekah said...

How is Sarah doing? I noticed on Chris's facebook that he said she was in the hospital with contractions. If you get the chance, let me know what's going on. I'm praying.


Renelle & Cole said...

Taeya is unbelievably cute!!! I'm so glad you posted all those adorable pics!