Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Sweet Baby

I'm realizing that I need to call Taeya my baby as much as I can because soon she won't be a baby any longer. She is growing SO much each and every day. She's now 10 1/2 months and she's waving, saying "dada", crusing, crawling, standing up in her crib, following me around, "reading" books to herself, picking up the little flaps in some of her baby books. Where is the time going? She's such a joy to be around and such an incredibly sweet girl. She cruised on over to Puma and tried to pet her. Puma would have none of it but enjoyed staying just out of arms reach. Puma curled up when she realized Taeya couldn't reach her.
I just love this little girl. Look at those precious tiny hands and feet.
Mesmerized by the world outside. She loves looking out the window.

Taeya was reading one of my favorite books from my childhood. I found it at a thrift store and of course bought it for my little girl.
I love this profile picture. If you look closely, you can see a drop of drool resting on her little lip


kelly said...

no doubt she is just gorgeous! I remember the 10 month stage, and just loving Taeya's little personality and chubby cheeks. it's a great age!

Sarah said...

It's times like this that I wish I had my own private jet and could fly out there every week to hold and play with Taeya. I love the profile photos. She really looks so much like you Megan dear. Such a beautiful little girl.

Anonymous said...

you know what I think ? I think she is looking more and more like her mommy every day! Seriously. She is so adorable Megan, you are so blessed! And ha ha about Puma!
BTW, I LOVED your scavenger hunt idea for Michael, I just might do that!

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that that is my grandbaby! She is so sweet, and dito to Sarah, I want to hop on the same jet, but it must originate here and only stop to pick up Bekah, Hannah, and Sarah so that I can have altogether now grandbaby time! Love, Nanna

BECKY LYNN said...

Well, no matter what you may "SAY", your Taeya will always be your baby :) Here's our usualy conversation with Ellie (4 1/2):
Me: You're my baby!
Ellie: I am not a baby, Mommy!
Me: Yes, but you will ALWAYS be my baby, even when you are old like me! How long will I love you? Bet you don't know...
El: Forever! (Grinnnnn)
Me: How did you know? What can make me stop loving you?
El: Nuf-fing!!!! (laughing!) What can make me stop wuving you?
Me: Nothing!!!
(Amazing how we have the exact conversation every night!)
Anyway, you are blessed to have your baby forever....even when she has teeth and is running around the house and even talking back. Haha :) She is beautiful!
Megan, I must apologize. Life got away from me and I am unsure if I ever paid you for shipping for the steamer. I am so sorry for being this irresponsible. Please tell me. If I haven't I promise to Paypal you today :)

running wildly said...

Lovin' the drool. ;)