Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tinkerbell & Fall Cleaning

Here's my little Tinkerbell as I laid her down for a nap. She's almost always happy when it's bedtime/naptime.

So excited for another naptime.

Mmmmm...this is tasty.
I can't roll this ball Mom.

I dressed my baby up as Tinkerbell this week. She looked so precious and had fun playing with the fringes on the outfit. She pooped a few times while wearing the outfit so then I nicknamed her Stinkerbell. She helped her Daddy and I serve hot dogs at our churches annual Pumpkin Patch party last night.

This afternoon I decided it was time to put away the summer clothes and weed out clothes that Taeya's outgrown. I pulled everything out of her closets and drawers and this is what I found. (I puchased a few outfits for Taeya before she was born at Thrift stores but almost all of these clothes were given to Taeya by friends and family. THIS is why I keep telling the Grandma's not to buy Taeya more clothes!)

The clothes I started with. The clothes being put away.Taeya's closet now.

Taeya "helped" me make these yesterday. They're very yummy.


running wildly said...

What a perfect little fairy! And the my, your domestic skills put me to shame.

SJ said...

What a cute little outfit! She looks cute! The cookies look great too :) Allie would LOVE those!

Kim said...

THose cookies are precious, so is your tinker bell:)