Sunday, November 30, 2008


Taeya and her fanclub

On Thanksgiving, our little family was very blessed to be able to spend the day with our Pastor's family. They have a large family of 10 and also had 2 other guests. We had a wonderful time fellowshiping, eating, and playing games. Their three youngest girls are Taeya's biggest fans. I have many pictures of the girls playing with Taeya and entertaining her. Taeya loves these girls and even when she was grumpy from lack of sleep, she would go to their arms. I appreciate this family so much and their love for our family...especially Taeya.

Dina reading to Taeya
Playing with Bethy and Annie

Dinner prep

Proud and walking


Sarah said...

I am so thankful for you and Phil and Taeya. My niece is such a cutie!!! Look at her walking and everything. Give her loves and kisses.

Heather said...

She's becoming such a little lady :) So adorable