Friday, April 21, 2006

Funky Munkyz

My whole class with their monkey masks on. We even had tails!

Well, today at school we had a Tri-"R"-Athon. I had no idea what one was until this year. The kids all get sponsered and collect pledges from adults. Then, at school, they run laps for 20 minutes, read for 20 minutes and do math pages for 20 minutes. Each page they read counts as a "lap" and each page of math they complete counts as a "lap." They then collect the pledges for the school. Our's is going to our computer lab and to purchase new computers. Well, anyways, they wanted each class to have a team name and good team spirit. I decided to leave it up to the kids to choose the name because then they'd be more behind it. They selected a bunch of silly names but settled on the Funky Monkeys. We made a class banner that had Monkies spelled wrong to make it a little funkier. The kids all helped make vines for the classroom and brought in stuffed animal monkies. Our room mom (who is awesome!!) voluntered to make fur tails and wristbands for the kids and to tie-die strips of t-shirts for headbands for the students. My class threw this together in 2 days and I must say they did a GREAT job. They were very gung-ho about getting to dress up and they did really well in all of the events. Check out the pictures. :) I also have head-shots of each student making a monkey face but I can't post their faces on the internet w/o parent permission.

One of my boys taking his math test w/his monkey mask on. (We all had matching monkey masks).

My classroom with all my little Funky Monkies & decorations

Me with my monkey face...the kids' turned out SO much better!

Our class "mascot" for the day

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The Koegle Family said...

What a cute idea! Your classroom looks great. I'm sure all your students thought you were a "totally cool" teacher! :) Sounds like you guys could raise a ton of money doing what you did. Good luck getting a ton of computers!!