Friday, April 07, 2006

Haircut, Newborn & Packing

Today I cut my hair! and I've decided I like it. :) (It's always a little scary getting my haircut...never know if I'm going to like the results or not). I cut probably 5-6 inches off. It's now just below my shoulder. I'll post pictures at a later time. Gotta pack for our trip tomorrow.

I also got to see baby Natalie, Kirstal and Shawn this morning. Natalie was SOO precious and I really enjoyed getting to hold her and enjoy the comfort that a content newborn brings. Kristal and Shawn, you sure have a keeper!!! I can't wait to see Natalie again.

Off to pack...the downside of going on trips


drkidsbooks said...

Your flower arrangements are beautiful. I'm sure your hair looks great. I had a good time exploring your blog, and then I connected to Sarah and Alan. I'm sure you will figure out who this is.

Michaela Shull said...

Hey Megan! Long time no see~ I have been thinking about you a lot lately because Ryan and I will be coming to Santa Clarita on the 21st to help with a Carousel Ranch thing. I realized then, that I haven't called you in a decade or two, and I simply must do it soon.
We would love to see you for a little bit. That weekend, if we could. Saturday would be best.

So, dearest- I will be calling you soon. It was such fun to see all the pictures and here how things are going. Tell your sis congratulations. I am so very excited for them!

See you soon??