Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Break Relaxation (& Shopping)

Well, I've been finding out how dangerous it is to be on Spring Break when both I and my husband have jobs. Monday I cleaned the house all day. Tuesday I shopped and today I shopped. *Big grin* I tried to be very careful in what I spent but I've been wanting to "decorate" the house more to make it feel more homey. I'm a bargain hunter through and through. I've wanted to puchase some flower arrangments for the condo but when I look at the pricetags they're between $30-90! No way am I paying that price. So, I hunted hard today and created my first two floral arrangments after much hemming and hawing. I think they turned out well and best of all, Phil liked them too! He's pretty honest when it comes to things he likes and doesn't like so I was happy to hear that he liked my choice of flowers and containers.


Julie said...

You are so good :) I am a bargin hunter too. That's half the fun of shopping :)

perkydeb said...

Awesome job at the floral arrangements. I am proud. Where did you get them? Have fun on your trip!

Megan C. said...

I picked up the orchids at Walmart along with the foam I stuck them in. The calla lilly's, the two vases and the moss I got at Michaels. There's sooo many different types at both stores that it took me forever to pick them out!!! But it was fun in the long run.