Wednesday, April 12, 2006

June Mountain Vacation

Well, Phil and I just returned from a wonderful trip to one of our favorite places ever, June Mountain. We were planning on leaving EARLY Saturday morning but we didn't make it to bed until pretty late so when the alarm went off, the eyes stayed shut. We ended up with a nice leisurly drive (Phil volunteered to drive the whole way!) and ended up in June too late to snowboard that day. We had plans to get on the mountain early pretty much every day but needless to say, sleep won out each morning. Sunday I didn't feel really well so I only boarded about 4 runs then waited at the lodge for Phil. The snow was pretty icy that day too. After a very relaxing Sunday afternoon and evening we headed up to the mountain the next morning around 10. The snow was MUCH better because it had snowed about 2-3 inches overnight. We had a fabulous day boarding all over the mountain until one of the screws fell out of Phil's bindings!! Aaagghhh! We ended up leaving the mountain and heading to Mammoth to purchase new bindings for Phil.

While in Mammoth we drove up to the Mammoth resort and took pictures with the MOUNTAINS of snow at the parking lot level!!!! It's even deeper higher up the mountian. Check out the pictures of Phil and I posing next to the snow in the parking lot. Also, look at the stairs that are supposed to be going DOWN and instead the snow leads you up!! Crazy huh? Mammoth will be open to July 4th at least. June Mountain always closes April 20. :(

While in Mammoth I saw many people with the typical snowboarder/skier tan. The area around their eyes is white and their cheeks, nose and the rest of the face is tan. I pointed it out to Phil and kind of laughed about it because people who have goggle tans look like they have dirty faces. Well, this morning when I woke up and looked in the mirror I realized that I have a nice raccoon-like face just like the boarders I saw up in Mammoth. Only, at this point, my cheeks are pink with sunburn instead of brown with tan. Let's just say it's very noticeable. Oh well, I guess it makes me look like a true snowboarder. I posted a picture of the raccoon face & my new haircut. Not a great picture...but the best I could get of both the face & haircut.

Our last exciting part of the trip was on Tuesday, our final day on the mountain. Phil and I decided we would try skiing since both of us started with snowboarding and had never been on a pair of skis. We rented skis for a half-day and enjoyed the challenge of learning a new activity. We both did really well considering we had no lessons and had to figure everything out by ourselves. The hardest part was learning how to get up after falling and learning how to stop. On the runs we did, we only fell a few times. We made it down one of the longest runs on the mountain without falling at all! and we both completed a blue run (a medium difficulty level). We both had a great time skiing but agreed that we definitely wouldn't stop snowboarding.

All-in-all, we had a wonderful time relaxing, snowboarding and just enjoying each other's company. I can't wait to do it again next season!

Our kitty, Puma, was very excited when we got home and wouldn't stop meowing at us even after we had unloaded the car and came inside. She was thrilled that we were home. She's currently laying across my lap, asleep, as I type this blog. :) What a cutie!

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Julie said...

What a fun trip :) I love to ski but haven't been in years.