Sunday, September 03, 2006

Funny Photos

I'm still waiting for my photos to work on the blog. This was a blog I forgot I wrote so I'm posting it now.

If you can't tell, I've been looking back through my digital photos that are stored on my computer. I'm finding some shots I didn't even know I had!

Phil and I are always up for a funny photo or two. Here are a few from the Thanksgiving before we got married.

I don't know, should Phil try to get a job as a mall Santa this year?

Don't we make a cute walrus couple?


SJ said...

Very cute photos - thanks for sharing. Oh - and on my blog those are pictures of the Berlin Wall - when the Berlin wall came down, Fulton got a piece of the "Iron Curtain" or Berlin Wall.

Megan C. said...

Shows how dumb I am. :l I thought they were two different things.

SJ said...

Not at all - I probably would have thought that too had I not been there for the dedication.

Rachel O. said...

Megan you are TOO funny! I totally love the walrus one.....I won't even tell you how many crazy pic Michael and I'd love them though, you remind me a lot of myself :) Anway, hope you had a great Labor day weekend! Back to school tomorrow!

Rachel O. said...

OH and BY the way....I had one of the most bored days I have EVER had in the whole of my life yesterday not knowing what to do with Michael that didn't cost money. A walk and a picnic was all I could think of, so that's what we did today. Buthey, I'm with you when it comes to never knowing what to do!

jenylu said...

Funny photos!:)