Friday, September 22, 2006

Sick Days

Am I ever glad it's Friday. I've been fighting something since Monday. Called in sick on Wednesday (which I never do!) and went Thursday and Friday even though I still felt terrible. Being sick is sure not fun, especially when you still have to maintain control over 30 students and teach lessons that make sense.

So, if you're wondering when my next blog post is coming...when I get better, I'll post again.


The Koegle Family said...

You're not pregnant, are you?!?? he he he

Megan C. said...

Well, if I am, you're going to have to wait 9 months for the next post! NO! I am not pregnant. I have a head cold.

SJ said...


I know from personal experience that being sick and having to do lesson plans and play catch up is noooooooo fun! Hang in there though and remember - a healthy teacher is better for her students - so even if you have to stay home, get better and rest! The kids need you healthy! (Can you tell the administrator in me coming out now :)) All too many times I went to work sick and in the long run it didn't help me or my kiddos :)

Can't wait for you to post again - know I am praying for you!!!!!

Rachel O. said...

OH my word Megan we totally own the settlers of Catan AND the Seafarers of Catan....our FAVORITE! you HAVE to look for it and buy it, it's hours of fun....we love it! Becky ang greg play too !