Saturday, September 02, 2006

What to do on a Friday Night

Phil and I are always looking for new ideas of things to do on a Friday Night. We don't usually want to spend money (or a lot of it) so quite often we get a movie and stay home. We sometimes go on walks, go to Santa Monica, or go get Golden Spoon (my very favorite ice cream!) What type of suggestions do you have of activities that are inexpensive and fun. :)

I LOVE sleeping in on Saturday mornings...awe the joy of getting as much rest as I want. (Except that the dumpster across from our window gets emptied EVERY SATURDAY morning. Ggggrrrrrrr!) This morning Phil and I enjoyed sleeping in as late as we wanted; which turned out to be pretty late. I then finished reading a book and spent 4 hours online with tech support trying to get our wireless working correctly and spyware cleared for our computer. Four hours and $99 later everything is working great.

I wanted to also post pictures of our redecorated living room. We finished it back in June but I never got pictures before I went up North. So, here they are. We are loving our new couch and that we actually have furniture that isn't from the dumpster. (We don't really know where our last couch was from. Phil got it for free at college.) Check out our adorable kitty, Puma sitting happily in the living room.


SJ said...


GREAT new furniture - thanks for sharing. I love your couch and pillows. The picture is super too! I do have to admit that I checked your blog after reading Jen's and was hoping to see a great "haircut" pic - I will keep checking :):)

Oh and for Fridays - our latest fun is a new game called Settlers of Catan. We had Chris and Sarah over to play last night - fun times! It is the latest craze in our fellowship group - so we stayed in, saved money and had a ton of fun!

Megan C. said...

I'm trying to post the hair pics. I have the blog written but the pics won't load. I'll keep trying. Thanks for looking.

jenylu said...

Megan, you're living room looks great! I remember well when everything we had was hand-me-downs, much of it still is because I benefit everytime my mom redecorates. :) My dad says coming to our house is like coming home. :)
Cheap date idea: Leave the credit cards at home and only put $3.50 in your wallet. Go to Costco and have fun with all the samples. If you're still hungry, buy hot dogs & drinks for the two of you on your way out.:)

Megan C. said...

Thanks Jenylu. Costco is a good idea but we no longer have a Costco card. :(

jenylu said...

Bummer--I'd probably save a lot of money that way 'cuz I sure spend a lot saving at Costco!