Friday, September 08, 2006

Pedicure & Back to School

Well, yesterday was Back to School Night. Although I wasn't that nervous about meeting the parents, I guess the stress leading up to it really got to me. Last May my name was drawn at school to receive a pedicure at Glen Ivy Spa. I, being one who doesn't like to spend a lot of money on myself, have never before had the pleasure of a pedicure. I chose to use it yesterday, before Back to School Night, to help me relax and feel a little less stressed. It was WONDERFUL. Not only do my toes look better than they have in my entire life, I enjoyed 50 minutes having my feet & toes buffed, soaked, scrubbed, clipped, painted, trimmed and massaged. Wow. Definitely a treat. Although I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it, I don't know when or if I'll next be persuaded to actually pay for a pedicure.

With that said, Back to School Night went well. I believe I said most of what I needed to say and hopefully got my points across. I was definitely nervous and spoke WAY too quickly. There were a few times I actually had to stop to literally catch my breath. Whew. I didn't feel nervous but I think maybe it was the pressure of having 30-40 adults (most of whom Ive never met) staring at me in such close proximity that made me sound so nervous. Anyways, I'm glad it's over. Now, I just have to prepare for my PPP a week from Monday!


Rachel O. said...

what's a PPP? I bet you did wonderfully at your back to school night, I would be a nervous wreck! I bet you remember this about me....every time I got nervous, my chest and neck would get beat red and all blotchy jsut like my mom's would. lol....that hasn't changed. But at least you don't have that problem!

jenylu said...

Pedicures ARE pretty nice, aren't they. I too have never actually paid for one, but enjoyed thoroughly the two my mom sprang for. :)
So what is a PPP? Enquiring minds want to know.

Megan C. said...

Okay okay! I'll tell you already. :) I don't know exactly what PPP stands for in the first place which is why I didn't say what it was in the first place. A PPP is where I meet with the principal and explain my yearly plans, goals, block-plans (how I am planning on addressing the standards throughout the whole year) etc. It will end up being about 5-10 pages when complete. It's not the meeting I'm worried about, just all the work preparing for it.

SJ said...


I am praying for you! That is something I have not ever done at the schools I have been at - - -

As for the pedicure thing - they are FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Just every now and then treat yourself - teaching can be stressful and it is amazing what doing something like that to relax for yourself can do. And I just love how my feet look and feel afterwards.

Have a great week!