Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2 Month Shots

Before the shots

After the shots

My sweet little baby had her two month doctor's appointment today and got her vaccinations. :( It was so sad having to hold her and watch her get 4 shots. She did amazing when the doctor examined her with cold hands and all. I took before and after pictures of her. She was a very cheerful girl before the shots and a very sad girl afterwords. She didn't cry for very long though. She ate right after the shots and then fell asleep for over 4 hours! Poor thing woke up, ate and had some tylenol which she promptly threw up. She's been doing pretty good today, definitely isn't 100% her normal self but she's a trooper.


Sarah said...

Taeya looked so happy and then soo, soo sad. Poor thing. I remember when Bekah got her shots. I just hated seeing her cry. Tylenol does work really well though which is great. Give her a kiss from her auntie.

Jaydin & Makenna's mommy said...

Isnt is so sad to have to watch them get their shots? Just know that you are a good mama and that you are doing what is best for her to protect her:)

You didnt say how much she weighed at her visit! She looks so much bigger but I want to know what her progress is!!

The Westerfield Family said...

Shots are no fun at all... I sometimes think they are harder on the mommy than the baby. Hope she feels better soon! ~Sarah W.

SJ said...

It is so sad to see them there all smiling and happy and then the sudden change :(:( I think that the 4 month ones were worse because they are even more alert and then just look at you like "what did you just do to me???" - that is why I am dreading our 6 month ones in a few weeks (wow that is hard to believe) - I am with Sarah - Tylenol is wonderful after shots!

jenylu said...

Loved the "before" & "after" pics -- they say it all! :) Shoot, all three of my kids had shots recently and I forgot to take some before & after photos...bummer. Fortunately, they're not quite as expressive about shots as they used to be!