Thursday, March 20, 2008

Time for a Post

Sleeping on Mommy

Well, as Steph reminded me, it's been quite awhile since I posted. Life has definitely been busy. Since having Taeya, I've been cooking and cleaning much more than I did when I was pregnant and working full time. I'm still working quite a bit juggling 3 different jobs. I haven't been taking as many pictures lately. I did try one of Taeya's 3 month dresses on her to see if it would fit and took some pictures. The dress is still a bit big, she was a bit cranky and I didn't get any really great pictures. I didn't have a lot of time so the background is a bit sloppy and I didn't get many great shots. Oh well, we'll try again on a better day.
Ever since she got her shots last week, she hasn't seemed like herself fully. She'll be pretty happy like she normally is and all of a sudden she starts screaming her head off like she's hurt. This happens when she's by herself, with me, nursing etc. I hope she feels better soon. One new things she's been doing is sucking on her hands all of the time. She doesn't usually get her fingers in her mouth but you turn your back and often hear this sucking noise and she has half her fist in her mouth and she's sucking for all she's worth. Yesterday, she tried to do both fists at once. It was really cute. Oh, and when she's in a happy mood, she's smiling and laughing SO MUCH. It's adorable. I love my baby girl!

Another of her famous tongue photos. We see that tongue a lot!

Is it just me or am I seeing some blonde highlights in her hair? I notice it more in pictures than in person. Am I imagining it?


Elisha said...

looks blond to me.

Becca Sports said...

Thank you for posting new pictures! It is fun to see her growing. They grow up so fast. :(

kelly said...


Mark and Rebekah said...

Steven starting doing the same thing with his fists a while ago. Now, he shoves in anything that fits. The other day I heard him slurping, and when I looked at him, he had both his fingers AND his pacifier in his mouth. Too funny!

Shannon said...

Bradley is doing the same thing. screaming for no reason, sucking on fists. drooling.

I think he is getting ready to teethe. All my kids had teeth by four months. Have fun with that!!!