Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lots of Easter Pictures


The past week or so I've feel like I've been hitting a wall. I think I'm fighting a sinus infection with a sore throat and some dizziness. On Easter, I was super tired and barely able to stay awake during the service. Taeya wore a beautiful dress that was a gift from our friends, Keith & Jennifer L. Since it was chilly out, she wore a little knit bonnet that my mom gave to her. I think one of my mom's friends made it. She looked adorable. We enjoyed celebrating our Lord's Resurrection. It amazes me that God gave His only Son for ME and the rest of mankind. In front of us in church there were some inmates from a nearbye prison. One of the men in our church ministers there and every now and then some of the men get to come to church. They enjoyed seeing Taeya and many of them asked how old she was. I asked one of them who kept looking at her if he'd like to hold her. It was neat to see how refreshing a baby was to the men.
We went to a friend's house for Easter dinner. While there, Ellie was very proud that she got to hold Taeya (she's 2). Taeya went Easter egg hunting with the other kids but she didn't keep any. She also had her first opportunity hanging out in a baby playcenter. She was so cute and happy in it. The pictures at the end are of Taeya snuggling with her new lambie from her great grandparents in FL. She really seems to like it. She sucks on it if she's able to and she hugged it a long time today. It was so sweet.
Other than that, I'm just trying to get healthy again and prepare for Denver


Becca Sports said...

What adorable pictures! I love the last picture. So precious.

Anonymous said...

oh Megan, yucky, I'm sorry you feel so blah and icky. No fun at aLL. I LOVE all the pictures....your hair looks really good...getting longer. Tayae is so precious. My fav. is the last picture with her lambie....AWW!
-RAchel O.

Sarah said...

I enjoyed getting caught up on the pictures. She is just so adorable. I love the pictures of her in the dress at church. Have fun in Denver!!

SJ said...

Praying you feel better! Cute Easter pictures and what a cute dress! Enjoy Denver.

Amy Medina said...

In the 5th picture down on this post, Taeya's expression makes her look just like Phil! (sort of a "worried" look) I saw him all over her face....cute!