Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Coming Getaway

Phil and I really haven't ever taken a vacation since we've been married other than our honeymoon. We've had many snowboarding trips but not too much else. We've decided that this coming weekend (starting Thursday) would be the perfect time to take a trip to Denver. This trip will actually serve a few purposes.
Although we only moved to our current location one year ago, we're finding the cost of living too expensive especially with adding a baby and less income. Where we are now, it would be nearly impossible to purchase a house, something we really would like to do in the near future. Sooooooo, we're looking elsewhere. Since the Eastern slope of CO is much more affordable, we are seriously considering moving there (we have a few other locations in mind as well). So, on our trip this week, we're going to try to schedule some job interviews for Phil, meet with a realtor and just generally look at the area and see if it's a place that we'd like to live. Ultimately, we want to be wherever the Lord wants us to be. Whether that's in CO or elsewhere, we really don't know. We're going to wait for Him to open the doors and go where He leads us.
While we're in Denver, we also want to have some fun. I'm going to get online today and do a bit of research of places we can visit. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for us? Wherever we go, we need to be able to take Taeya...obviously and it can't be super expensive. Although I don't mind spending some money on entertainment, we don't have a lot to splurge with. So, any cool things to see or do in or around Denver, please let me know!


The love birds .. said...

You guys would really enjoy a Mexican place, in Lakewood, that has been in Denver for a long time. The restaurant is called CASA BONITA. I know you would like it. The inside is like caves, different ones and you eat in the area that you want. They can be found on the internet under the name and Denver. I have been there several times after my brother told me about it over 30 years ago. Give it a try and its very kid friendly. Miss you, have fun...

Uncle Dan

Shannon said...

You know, Oklahoma is only 8 or so hours away. :) Cost of living is pretty stinkin cheap out here. Pathetic snowboarding in these parts, everyone drives to colorado.

Good luck with the job and house hunt. Have a lovely trip!
We've been married nearly ten years. We haven't been anywhere since the honeymoon either. McDonalds doesn't count.

Georgia said...

yes, he'll be 4 months in 4 more days. wow.

Elisha said...

That's so funny - yes casa bonita is fun! The food isn't the best, but you have to go there if you've never been. My grandparents live right behind it! There's the 16th street mall if it's not too don't have to buy anything. It's similar to 3rd street. The capital building, the mint. Estes Park is AMAZIING! It's a bit of a drive, and I don't know what the weather is like there now. There's and excellent church in Englewood if you're interested. BTW - my brother lives in Aurora because it's more affordable. Colorado Springs is a nice area and so is Parker. You might want to look around there for jobs and housing :-) you can email me if you'd like to ask question. - Have fun!

Derek & Amanda Henninger said...

Oh, my opinion on Casa Bonita is definitely pass...the food will make you sick! (no offense to those who said you should go) :)

As for things to do, try Estes Park and RMNP (if the weather is good). If you guys want to come to church with us on Sunday, we go to Calvary Chapel South Denver.

Don't think it's open for concerts yet, but Red Rocks is a great place to walk's beautiful! And free to walk around. It's in Morrison (actually close to where we live). You should also go to Garden of the gods if you are in Colorado Springs. Absoluetly amazing..and free too :)

Let me know if you need more ideas for your visit.