Saturday, March 08, 2008

My Sweet Little Swimmer

Taeya got to go to her first birthday party for Hannah from our church. She was turning 1 and had a swim party at a indoor pool in our area. I found a little swimsuit for Taeya to wear and she got to go swimming. :) The water was a little cooler than bathtub water so Taeya would start crying for a few seconds when I first put her in it.
After a tiny bit of initial crying, she relaxed and enjoyed herself. She floated really well on her back and even kicked her legs while I supported her head. She went underwater a few times too and did great. Because the water lowers her body temperature pretty quickly she only stayed in for about 5 minutes the first time and then I warmed her up with a towel. The air was VERY warm so she actually fell asleep shortly after getting out. Before we left, we went swimming again. The pictures are from her second time in the water. I sure hope I get to take her to the pool a lot this summer.


starlight11500 said...

MEgan, I FINALLY recieved your little thing you sent to me in the mail. I knew you said you sent it, but I was wondering where it was. I just got it today. The envelope was ripped open but nothing was damaged. That's why it was so late. I LOVE the pictures! When did I ever give those to you? Weird! I was a strange looking person. ha ha ha
I loved the one of Taeya too! Very cute. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and that I really appreciate it!

kelly said...

SOOOOO cute!!! looks like a good time :)

jenylu said...

She looks so cute floating in the water with her pacifier in! Is that to keep her happy, or to prevent her from drinking the pool water?

You look really good BTW!

Megan said...

The pacifier is to calm her from the initial shock of the cool water. You know that first, "this feels cold" feeling? As soon as she got past that, she was happy in the water. (I also didn't want everyone in the pool thinking I was torturing my 2 month daughter by putting her in the pool so the pacifier was to keep her quiet.) :)

Sarah said...

The pictures of her "swimming" are adorable. I knew you would be teaching her to swim as fast as you could. She will be a great swimmer and will love the water as much as you do.