Monday, May 05, 2008

Colorado Beauty

It's finally starting to warm up a bit in CO. I had a park play-time with a friend last week and then it snowed two days later! Crazy weather. The days are starting to look pretty nice but it's still been a bit windy. Yesterday afternoon, there was cloud cover but it wasn't super cold so I decided to take Taeya outside to get some pictures with the beautiful tiny purple flowers that are growning everywhere. I couldn't convince Phil to join me at first but after coming back up and requesting that he come again, he did. For a minute while we were out there, it started to get pretty windy and even sprinkled a tiny bit. We were ready to head back inside and it stopped so we took a few more pictures. I wish we had another person or a tri-pod so we could have gotten a family picture. Enjoy.

Taeya wasn't in her super happy mood so we only got one smile. I think she was just trying to take it all in as she's never been in grass/flowers before and she didn't know what to make of the wind either.

That wind is pretty strong!

Look at the pretty flowers!
Smell the pretty flowers.

Hug the pretty flowers.

Squeeze the pretty flowers.

Taste the pretty flowers.

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Becca Sports said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the backdrop! :)

jenylu said...

Cute pictures -- Taeya made the most of those purple flowers!! :)

Julie said...

How sweet!!! It is so pretty there.

Sarah said...

Those pictures were incredible. I love the background and all the flowers. You and Phil and Taeya make such a nice family.