Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Special Day

Today was very special for a number of reasons. Here are a few.
*One year ago today, I found out I was pregnant with Taeya! (5.11.07)
*Today is my first Mother's Day with baby in hand.
*Taeya was dedicated to the Lord today at church. Phil and I will strive to raise Taeya to know Him and we will encourage her to have a personal relationship with Him as she grows older.
*Taeya ROLLED OVER for the FIRST TIME by herself and I caught it on camera! She's usually so laid back she never tries to move. Today she just slowly rolled over and of course it made me very excited for her. *I'll try to post the video later.

Happy Mother's Day to My Mom, Phil's Mom and all of our grandmas! We love you all!

I know I'm one of those crazy mothers who only posts about her daughter but I'm fine with that and won't make excuses for it. I don't mind being a little fanatical and Phil's and my family appreciate it so they can be a bit more involved in our lives.

At church, there's a lady, Bethany, whose first grand-daughter was born on 1/13/08 (Taeya's duedate) and lives in Florida. She always loves to see Taeya because it reminds her of her own grand-daughter that lives far away. So, I always let her hold Taeya each week at church and she gets to be Taeya's Colorado Grandma. The following is a picture of her with Taeya.


Sarah said...

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful, sweet and darling mommy. You all make a cute family.

jenylu said...

Happy first Mother's Day Megan!!! What a sweet mommy you are to your adorable little girl!

I didn't read Sarah's comment before I started writing, but now I noticed we both voiced similar sentiments. Must be true! :)