Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well, I'm sorry it's been SO long since I last blogged. I've been a tiny bit busy hosting 5 adult family members in our little condo. :) Phil's parents, brother, sister and grandma came to visit us for a week. It was cozy but it worked. We had an absolutely fabulous time. We enjoyed the fellowship as it has been a couple years since we've seen anyone except Phil's mom. (She visited for 3 days after Taeya was born). I cried when we said our goodbyes last night.

We were able to do some exciting things this week. Here's a quick run-down of some of our favorites.

*Celebrated Sarah's 20th b-day. Thank you Naomi for the cake recipe. It was delicious! Everyone loved it.

*Played lots of games. Card games, Settlers (yes, Phil's dad is officially addicted) and video games. I LOVE games so I was in heaven with the card games and Settlers.

*Went whitewater rafting. So much fun! I've wanted to go since moving here but my pregnancy prevented it last summer. It was absolutely awesome. Check out the pics. We invited two others from our church to come, Katie and Jeremy. Graham from our church was our guide. He was GREAT! He's been a guide for 10 years and taught us so much both about rafting and about the area we live in. He made it so fun and informative.

*Hiked to Hanging Lake. Phil, Mom, Dad and Sarah all hiked. Grandma, Taeya, Timmy and I stayed at the bottom and relaxed.

*Went to the hotsprings pool for a day. Relaxing and restful.

*Had family pictures taken. I'm SO glad this happened as it's hard to get the whole family together.

*Phil and Dad went to a marble quarry one afternoon.

*Ate lots of yummy food. Mostly at home but Phil's family took us all out one evening to an Italian restaurant.

*Of course, both grandmas spent much time holding and playing with Taeya. She was sweet for everyone and a good girl all week. The only times she was really fussy was due to teething. She's officially teething and has already bit her tongue and made it bleed. I still don't see the teeth but they're coming in.

*Both Grandma's brought pictures from Phil's childhood. I have been working on scanning and organizing them for a photobook that I want to make later. I must say that my husband was one CUTE baby! What do you think?

I'm sure I am missing some important events but off the top of my head, this is what comes to mind. Family is truly a blessing. How I wish we were both of our families. They live on either side of the country and we live in the middle. Sigh. Someday Lordwilling.

I also need to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to my college roommate Michaela S. and her husband Ryan! I just found out they they had their first baby-a little boy- earlier this week! Congratulations on the birth of William Ryan S. :) So excited for you!!!!

Pics of our rafting trip taken by the company we went with. I have more pics to post later from the rafting trip.

Here are a few random pictures from the week. I will be posting many more later this week as I have more time. Enjoy!
Mom, holding Taeya at church last Sunday.

Sarah with her brother and cake. Happy Birthday!
Taeya really enjoyed getting to know her family more. She especially bonded with Grandma Z. She would turn to her voice by the middle of the week.
Great-grandma Judy and me. She's so sweet and kind. She enjoyed spending time with us and with her first of two-great-grandchildren and is a great card-player.

Aunt Sarah with her niece.


Megan said...

I'll post more pics later. For some reason, blogger wasn't allowing me to post more, even on a new post.

the Indian woman said...

What fun time with family! It is very hard to have families so far away especially after the grandchildren come into the picture. I'm very happy that you all got to spend some time together. Happy memories! We enjoyed Settlers during Christmas season with Cam's family. It is a fun game.

SJ said...

Looks like a fun Time!