Monday, May 19, 2008

Life As We Know It

Another week has gone by and Taeya is approaching her 5 month "birthday." She continues to grow and change every day. The highlight for me from last week was when she starting giggling/laughing/shrieking really loud as I kissed her little neck. We had just finished swim lessons and I was waiting for my helper to shower so she could watch Taeya while I showered. I started kissing Taeya on the neck which made her laugh and laugh. It was sooo sweet. Jackie heard it all the way in the shower and of course I kept doing it because she loved it. She's only done it once since then for a brief moment. She definitely loves kisses from Mommy and Daddy though. She usually gets a big smile on her face whenever she's kissed. Oh, the memories we make. My dad reminded me to write them down as we think we'll remember them and we very quickly forget them. That's one reason I love to blog in detail. It's really a journal for me to remember things. I've found it very helpful as I've been working on my scrapbooking. It's so easy to look back and remember a few of the details that I've already forgotten.

Sarah, Mom & Dad, do you recognize the book Taeya is "reading" upside-down? I found it on! (Squiggly Wiggly's Surprise was one of my favorites growning up).

Taeya reading her new book from Aunt Sarah & Uncle Chris. She LOVES it. Unfortunately, I've misplaced it and it's really bothering me as there's not that many places it can be...I just can't find it!
We went out for ice-cream on our walk down-town last Saturday I wanted this ice-cream the entire time I was pregnant but everytime we went...they were closed. :( I finally got my chocolate peanut butter ice-cream!
Taeya enjoyed helping me hold the cone. But mostly she just enjoyed the saddle-horn of the saddle we were sitting on.
Taeya loves her daddy. Can't you tell? She loves to talk with him when he comes home. Then she's usually ready for bed within a few minutes (if not already in bed). She's definitely Daddy's little girl though.

My new Mei-Tai carrier. I like it but I think I'll like it more as she continues to grow. Right now, I tuck her legs inside because they get spread really wide if I let them hang out. As you can see, it was a beautiful Colorado day. It's FINALLY starting to warm up around here...hopefully, we're done with snow for awhile.
Taeya enjoyed checking out the grass although she was a bit tired so there weren't many smiles. At home, she practiced rolling over some more. She's getting there although she's still not consistent but she's rolled over a couple more times on her own.

Our friend, Lynhaar, at my work bought Taeya this adorable outfit along with the jean dress she wore in the first picture. I love them and she looks so adorable in them both.
A toes pose...Taeya often has her feet in this position.

Getting ready to roll...
Half-way there.
Just hanging out on her side...


Mark and Rebekah said...

Don't you just LOVE the mei-tai?? I just started leaving Steven's feet out last week, but I haven't put him in facing outward yet. I love how he falls asleep in it :) Getting slobered. . .that's another story!

I know what you mean about losing stuff. We lost our tv remote on Saturday. I don't think that either of us took it out of the living room, but it is gone.

We've looked everywhere for it! (Including the fridge and freezer since we had ice cream and pop!) No such luck. We're using the remote from our computer/tv, but it's driving us crazy to not be able to find it!

SJ said...

She is growing up so fast - it goes too fast I have decided. Fun pictures - looks like you are doing well!

Sarah said...

I so enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Taeya is growing so fast and changing so much. I love her looking at the books. She will definitely love to read like we did.

Julie said...

Yay you got a Mei Tai. I haven't used mine in a while but plan to use it with Drew on our vacation since we will be walking a lot. On the back of course :)

Becca Sports said...

I can't believe how much she's growing. What a little cutie! I'm glad your weather is starting to warm up also. You sure do appreciate the warmth more don't you? :)

jenylu said...

Fun pictures -- the ones in the little eyelet dress are the first time I noticed Taeya looks like she's going to have a widows peak. So cute! Loved the ice cream cone that was bigger than her. :)

Andrea said...

Hi Megan! I just found your blog through a series of other friend's blogs and thought I would introduce myself. I live in western Colorado and am interested to know if we are close.

starlight11500 said...

lol very good Megan, i'm impressed! Yes, June 10th, we are rollin' on out! i love the new pics of Taeya. Can she GET any cuter? She needs to start sprouting some hair, I'm anxious to see what it will look like!

Shannon said...

way way way cute.

I love the baby carrier. I found the Mei-tai to be too much work to string up, but I generally don't wear my babies for long periods of time. (probably because they are so heavy) You look darn good wearing it though. Great pattern choice!

Anonymous said...

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