Friday, June 27, 2008

6 Month Old Taeya

I tried to take Taeya out for a 6 month old photo-shoot. It didn't work too well but I did manage to get a few cute pictures. Enjoy.

She tried applesauce for the first time today and enjoyed it. So far, she's eating bananas, yellow squash and applesauce and loves all of them.


Sarah said...

6 months old already. Wow! Time just flys so fast. She is just so beautiful. I really enjoy seeing her pictures. The close-ups are just precious.

Anonymous said...

megan she is growing up SO just the little time that we have been moving, I see such a change in her! I'm sorry you didn'tg et the pics you wanted....oh well, the ones you posted are cute anyway ;) Thanks for the comments about the can pray for us now....we have HORRIBLE neighbors. The kind that blast music that thumps thumps through the wall and leaves beer bottle trash everywhere outside....YUCK I hope this changes
-Rachel O

running wildly said...

Awe, she is simply gorgeous.

Happy 6th month sweetie!

Isn't it amazing how fast it goes?

jenylu said...

She's so cute! Courntey and I are checking out your blog together and loving Taeya's cute pictures. :) Give her a great big hug for us!