Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pray for Sarah & Baby

Please keep my sister and her family in your prayers. She's currently 26 weeks along in her pregnancy and is having some serious concerns. I left her house on Saturday morning and on Sunday night she went to the hospital because she was having regular contractions pretty close together. The contractions got pretty intense and they started her on magnesium. Although I've never had it, I've heard it's pretty horrible stuff and Sarah confirmed that. The magnesium helped slow down the contractions and nearly stop them while at the same time making her very sick. They took her off of the drug this morning. (They were scheduled to take her off at 6:00 and when they hadn't shut the magnesium off by 6:05, Sarah called the nurses station and asked for someone to come turn it off because it was "after 6:00).

I spoke with Sarah this morning and she sounded SO much better than she had on the meds. She said she was still doing well off of it (it had been off about 2 or 3 hours when I called). If all looks good, they'll send her home to be on bedrest until she's at least 34 weeks. She will not be able to go back to work until after the baby comes. She's like the rest of my family and has a very hard time sitting still and not doing 15 things at once. Bedrest will be difficult for her, especially since she has a 22 month old to care for. Family members and friends from church will be helping out during the coming weeks.

Please pray that Sarah is able to get the rest she needs so that this baby doesn't come until she's ready. Pray also for Chris as he'll have a lot more on his plate than normal. Sarah said Bekah's had a hard time not having mommy around. Please pray that through all of the changes, that Bekah will handle it well.


Shannon said...

of course!!

I cannot imagine, and yet I can totally imagine it. Much stress for everyone and prayers for a healthy couple of months. I'm so glad to hear of all the help they will be getting. It is wonderful to be in circle of carying people who step up when it is needed.

Julie said...

I will be praying. I wish I could come and help her out in person. I hope the time will pass quickly.

jenylu said...

Hey Megan,
Thanks for filling in more details. Bailey's being a good girl -- although the cats don't agree -- and Michelle, Bailey & I might be hanging out with Sarah Friday.
I know it's tough for you to be so far away right now -- PTL for the really nice visit you all just were able to enjoy! Love you!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for such a sweet post Megan. I am feeling so much better. I read Chris the part of your blog about calling the nurse to turn off the mag since it was after 6. He couldn't believe I actually did that. I just waned it off. He's lucky I didn't do it my self since I know perfectly well how to turn off the pump. Hehehe.

Thanks for your prayers and your love.

starlight11500 said...

Megan, i'm so glad she's doing better, keep us posted!

Jaydin & Makenna's mommy said...

I will keep Sarah in my prayers. I suffered from pre-term labor with Kenna and was on anti-contraction meds daily from 31-36 weeks with Kenna. I know there is a HUGE difference between 26 and 31 weeks but I also know that God is watching over Sarah and her baby and I am sure He will protect her and keep that baby in til he/she is ready to come meet the world! I was 2cm dilated at 31 weeks and was 5 cm by 37 weeks but I was STILL induced at 38 weeks because she didnt come yet!!