Sunday, June 01, 2008

More Pictures from our Vacation

One of the many birds of this kind that Grandma Judy and I saw while everyone was hiking up to hanging lake. Beautiful.
Taeya took a short nap in her sun tent. Of course, she's sucking her first two fingers on her right hand. She rarely ever takes a pacifier anymore because she prefers her fingers.
Timmy played happily while Grandma and I played cards. He loves being outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
A view of the canyon and the Colorado river.
Our little chipmunk friend kept coming to visit us.
Taeya enjoys swinging.
Phil in I in a downtown ally.
Guess what I found this week??! My feet! (She loves playing with her right foot especially and will even reach for it in her carseat.
Grandpa playing with Taeya.
Resting in her little tent.
Taeya inheirited all of Timmy's wooden puzzles awhile back. He enjoyed playing with them again and using his fishing rod to fish for the magnetic pieces.
Both Grandma's on a walk near our home. Timmy was hiding behind his mom.
Swinging at the park.
Taeya with a coy little smile.
Mmmm, these fingers are yummy!
I taught Taeya how to make cinnamon rolls the week before our family came. She's going to be a good cook someday.
Sitting in her new Bumbo seat. I wasn't going to buy one for her but I found one on Craigslist for a good price so I splurged. She loves it, especially when she can see everyone around her.
Taeya's friend Andrea reading to her at work. Andrea's husband works at the same place I used to (my last day was a week ago Friday!) and she would come in two evenings a week and wait for him to get off. She spent her time with Taeya while she waited which they both enjoyed.
Last Sunday at church with Grandma Judy.


Julie said...

Hey there!

Sounds like you've had a fun and busy time with family!! I can't believe how big Taeya is getting...too cute! And I'm cracking up that you had a dream about Davis! LOL..

Take care!

Shannon said...

I love the one in her bumbo, it brings home how much smaller she is!! Bradley can hardly sit in his, it cuts off his circulation.

Sarah said...

It looks like all of you had such a wonderful time. That is so awesome that everyone could come and visit. Love the pictures.