Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at the Beach

While I was in California, Sarah, Bekah, Taeya and I took a short morning trip out to the beach. Sarah had purchased the cutest little matching striped dresses for the girls to wear. Unfortunately, it was a cold, cloudy day so we were unable to have them wear the dresses at the beach. We enjoyed taking LOTS of pictures of the girls (and their mamas). Taeya got to see and touch the Pacific Ocean for the first time. We left when the girls started getting a bit grumpy and ready for their naps. It was so fun to spend this time with Sarah and just enjoy our girls and the beautiful creation around us. Enjoy a "few" of the many pictures we took.
Mommy and baby love.
Taeya enjoyed eating the sand.

Cute little button.

Best friend sisters. I love you Sarah!!
A walk with Mommy.
Our attempt at a group picture. Haha.
Taeya touching the Pacific for the first time.

This sand stuff is sure fascinating. We could hardly get a picture of Taeya looking up because she was so mesmorized by the sand.

Awe, the two cousins...
Uh oh...
Down they both go.



Bekah shared some sand with Taeya.
There you are!


Sarah said...

This was such a fun day. It was nice to see the ocean and walk along it with our little girls. What sweet memories and good times.

Anonymous said...

megan, every one of the pics you took were SO good! I had to laugh at the one of them both falling over onto eachother. Kids crack me up at how wobbly they can be....he he he. Well, I have yet to see the Pacific ocean. we live right next to Puget sound in washington. they say that's considered the ocean becuase it's the same body of water. But it has no waves. It's not the same without sand and waves. So yes, I have yet to go see it.
-Rachel O

SJ said...

Very fun pictures :):)

SJ said...
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running wildly said...

What a wondrous thing to see and touch the ocean for the very first time! I wonder what her little mind was thinking.