Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 8 Months Taeya!

My daughter is now 2/3 of a year old. I can't believe how big she's getting. She has changed so much since that beautiful day, 8 months ago when I first held her in my arms. Taeya is a happy baby, full of giggles and precious smiles which she usually shares with anyone who gives her a big smile. I love my little girl so much and am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with her.

Annie and Taeya. Taeya's sporting her new swim top. I love it.

What an adorable little baby face.
Is there a hole in your chin kid? Your mom used to have that problem.
Trying to get a picture of the TOOTH. It's very tough. Taeya DOESN'T like her mouth being messed with and if I DO get her gums exposed, she usually sticks her tongue out.
There it is! Very hard to see, but it's there.
Taeya's first drumming experience. She surprised herself a bit when she actually made contact but she had a fun time playing.This past month Taeya got her first (and so far only) tooth on August 9.
She went on her first planeride to CA.
She's attempted to crawl (although I wouldn't actually call it crawling yet).
She's mastered sitting up (she still falls occasionally but can be left alone sitting up for quite awhile).
Taeya is eating lots of different types of foods and enjoys most of it.
She is mesmerized by animals and always stops what she's doing if she catches sight of our kitty, Puma. Yesterday, I took her to Petsmart to show her the animals there. She enjoyed watching the hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and fish. She kept trying to grab at the fish in their tanks. I really enjoyed watching her respond to the animals.
Taeya still enjoys stuffed animals (please don't feel the need to send her any as she has TONS) and loves to look at and chew on picture books.

My precious baby and her precious faces.

That's so funny Mom!!!

Playing with one of her toys. Before CA, she always tried to open the boxes. Now she always tries to close the boxes.
This is a picture of Taeya when her first tooth was coming through her gums. It was just breaking through and she wasn't too happy about it.

I took her to get the last two of her 6 month shots yesterday (yes, I was behind since we were out of town and I don't do all her shots at once). She did fairly well with the shots and only cried briefly after the second one. I thought everything was fine until we were at Target 1 1/2 hours later. I just ran in really quick to get a b-day present for a party we were going to. I left my diaper bag in the car and just brought my wallet with me. Poor Taeya started throwing up and threw up at least 5 times just in Target within about 2 minutes. We're in the middle of switching dr's so I didn't know who I should call/take her to. It's a long story...but she ended up throwing up about 8 times before stopping and the doctor's office said to monitor her but thought she'd be fine. I took her home, cleaned her up and put her to bed. She slept the whole afternoon but didn't get sick anymore. She seems to be doing better today which I'm very thankful for.
I almost forgot, while I was at the Health Dept getting Taeya's shots done, I asked to weigh her. At 8 months, fully clothed and with her diaper on she weighed 14 lbs 14 oz. Still a little thing but she is getting chubbier.

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Sarah said...

Ok, I don't know where my time has gone. I haven't checked blogs for a few days. Amazing how I can be so busy on bedrest. :o)

Taeya is just so beautiful. I love her big eyes and bright smile. I'm glad that she is feeling better from her shots. I'm glad that her swim top is working out well. It looks great on her. Love you tons.