Saturday, August 30, 2008

Growing UP

*Picture from our trip to CA. (Taeya was sucking on Bekah's fingers).
It's official, Taeya climbed OUT of her bumbo seat this morning.

I was trying to feed her breakfast (without her bumbo tray attached). She wanted something that was on the far edge of the table (out of her reach) so she leaned WAAAYYY over to get it. I held her into her seat but could tell she was close to getting out. When I finished feeding her, I scooted her to the center of our large table for safety and turned to the sink to get a washcloth to wipe her face. Less than 2 seconds later I heard a ker-thunk and turned and saw Taeya face down on the table. She didn't land too hard but she wasn't too happy either. Guess I'll not be leaving her out of arms reach in the bumbo any longer. *sigh* Even with the tray attached later she nearly escaped. She's a determined little baby. Stay posted about what our little family did today (on Saturday). I'll try to post tomorrow (Sunday).


Shannon said...

Her in the bumbo just cracks me up. Bradley can only go in if he is wearing pants (or maybe if I oiled his legs) and then he is stuck like a whale in a sardine can.

She is so cute!

starlight11500 said...

wow she IS growing right up! I'm anxious to see what her hair will look like when it gets longer :0) next thing you know, she'll be waving goodbye to you as she's getting on the school bus in a couple years!

Anonymous said...

Dear Megs,
You were my terror too. I never let you out of my sight if I could help it. You were always climbing something as you grew up! You gave me so many scares that I know where my bit of gray hair came from, trying to keep you from falling all the time. But, just like your spirit could never be kept down I couldn't pin you down either, your still climbing to new heights! Love Mom