Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Deals

Okay, so this blog will probably be boring for most...but I can share whatever I want and I want to share this. :)

Yesterday, I finally got around to ordering some things on Shutterfly that I had promised for other people. I had 2 8x10's to send to Great Grandma Judy, a 5x7 of Taeya for my parents and I asked Phil if I could purchase the three photobooks I made for my birthday. I made them awhile ago but we just didn't have the money to order them. They were having some pretty good shipping on photobooks, 30% off if you ordered over $75 and 50 free photos for every 8x8 book you ordered. I decided that it would be worth ordering my books at this time. After I had everything that I wanted in my basket, I searched online for shutterfly codes and found a bunch that mostly were expired. I went down the whole list anyway and entered them. Somewhere in the midst of that I ended up saving myself another $35. Not exactly sure where the savings came from. All-together I spend just over $95 and saved...get this...$105!!! Wahoo!! I love getting good deals like that! ...and I'm so excited to finally get my scrapbooks.

Last week at church we found out about a pretty huge town rummage sale up near Vail. Last weekend was the opening weekend and this weekend everything was 50% off. Phil was gracious enough to go with me. We walked away with: 2 beautiful baskets, a tinkerbell costume and fairy wings (for when Taeya is a bit older), a diaper pail, a sit-n-spin, a brand new still-in-the-box TV stand, a Puma hat, a toddler ballcap, 3 snow sleds, a safety wall-switch cover, a bag of books, Adidas running pants, Satin pj's, 2 baklavas (that you wear over your head when snowboarding), shower curtain rings, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting...all for $20.

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