Friday, August 22, 2008

Visiting Family in CO

Uncle Alan & Aunt Barb (my dad's sister)

The two smallest puppies were able to come along (they have 5 Poms total)
Megan, Great Grandma Carol, Taeya

Uncle Alan playing with Taeya
Bekah enjoyed playing here for quite awhile
Awe, what a cute couple
Mommy and baby
This was Great-grandma's first time meeting both Taeya and Bekah
The week before Sarah and Chris flew to CO, my dad mentioned that Grandma Carol, Uncle Alan and Aunt Barb were boing to be in Southern CO at the same time. He suggested we try to get together if possible. I called Grandma Carol who then worked it out with Barb and Alan. We met at a park about half-way between where I live and they were visiting. It was a great time to just catch up and for Grandma, Barb and Alan to meet the babies. Phil was unable to come because we couldn't all fit in one car and it would have used a lot of gas $ just to take another car so he opted to stay home.

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