Sunday, February 17, 2008

Craft Idea for Kids

When my sister and I were in Kindergarten, we each got to make our own Christmas plate. The teacher gave us a piece of round paper that we drew a Christmas scene on and then she mailed it off somewhere where it got turned into a hard plastic plate. Each year around Christmas, our family would pull out these treasures and use them as cookie plates for the holidays. My parents still have the plates to this day and they are still special to our family.

I've been cleaning out and organizing around the house and came across a box of 50 of these papers that can be made into plates. I was wondering what I should do with them and how I could use them. I came up with an idea that I think is great!

I'm going to have Taeya (and my other kids) make a plate each year that we will use on special occasions. I got a stamp pad and put her handprint in the middle of the paper with a stamp above it that says "tiny miracle" (Thanks Aunt Jennifer!) and I wrote Taeya Brynn Camp and her birthday under that. Each year, I'm going to put her handprint in the middle and allow her to decorate the rest of the plate however she wants. It'll be fun to see the progression as she develops over time.

The best part is, these really aren't that expensive to make. A whole pack of 50 papers costs just $5.95. Each plate when ordered costs $3.95 (plus you have to pay for shipping). My sister is going to do this with me every year.

The picture above is what Taeya's plates will look like. (Do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to get a good handprint from a baby who loves to clench her fists?) We managed to get a couple good prints. It was very difficult not to get ink on everything! It got most of the ink cleaned off of Taeya but she still has some embeded around her fingernails. I was happy with the finished product.


SJ said...

Very neat idea - where do you get the stuff?

Megan said...

The company is called Makit Products Inc. *SJ check with Sarah though because I'm sending extras to her so maybe you can make one with her and mail it with the rest of ours.

Sarah said...

Megan, I am so excited about doing the plates with Bekah. My nephew Jeremy just asked the other day about making more plates. The ones I had the kids do were much more expensive so this is great.